Turn Down the Lights

You can focus the visitors attention on specific parts of your page using our 'spotlight' feature.

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CSS Control

Tutorials should stand out from the rest of your site, but still be consistently themed. You can eaisly customize the tutorial via adding fully custom CSS into the Tutorialize extension. We've even got some default classes you can use that automatically generate correct CSS for the tip pointers.

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Parlez-vous fran├žais?

We don't speak it, but our tutorials do. You can adjust the language that the tips are shown with by simply setting the language on the tutorial. We currently support English, French and Spanish.

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Advanced Features

Custom Markup

We think our tips look great, but if you'd prefer to have them include totally different stuff, you can always customize the actual markup behind each tip.


Peek Under the Hood

We try hard to make sure the tutorials are behaving exactly the right way. To be sure it's never confusing, you can always see what the player is doing by turning on the debug mode. Check the console for messages .

Play a demo with debug enabled

Programmable Callbacks

This one is reserved for more advanced installations, but is too cool to leave off the demos page! Using our support for callback functions, you can eaisly build Tutorialize into your site or application.

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Tutorial Activity: